50% Off First Ecowash

Matte Black Forged Aluminum Wheel

Car Bath

Thorough cleansing
Pre-wash foam soak, ph neutral
Traffic film removal if needed
Dirt, bugs and tar removal
Contact wash/microfiber mitts
No scratch drying method
Wash wheel face and dress tires
*Starts @ $100 (small car)

2000 Cadillac DTS


Hand and/or machine polish
Glass, lights and bumpers included
Increase warmth and depth
Helps paint repel water
Windows included
Plus car bath and paint prep
*Starts @ $150 (small car)

Sealant: Same as above
Starts @ $175

1971 Dart Swinger

Clay Bar

Known as the detailer's secret
Smooth as glass feel
Ensure best bond with wax
Special spray to increase lubricity
Remove toxins from paint pores
Treat exterior car body
Plus car bath and wax
*Starts @ $200 (small car)

1964 Bathtub Porsche

Machine Polish

Reduce parking lot scuffs
Diminish paint transfer
Refine door handle scratches
Decrease fabric scrapes
Restore shine and luster
Single or multi-stage packages
Hand polish hard-to-reach areas
Mask trim where necessary
Requires well-lit garage and power
Plus wash, wax and clay bar
*$50/hour until completion

1996 Dodge Viper

Scratch Repair

Cloaking technique
Multi-stage blending method
No fillers or repainting
Costs a fraction of body shop rates
For light to moderate scratches
*Starts @ $100

Headlight Resto

Mask surrounding areas
Remove heavy oxidation
Sand away failed clear coat
Compound/polish plastic lens
Spray new high gloss clear coat
Wax or seal surface
*Starts @ $150/pair

2015 Dodge Challenger

Silicium/Titanium Coating

Second skin--enhanced slip factor
Increased hydrophobiocity
Infused nanotechnology
Sacrificial layer(s) for clear coat
Fast drying... quick curing
UV-A, UV-B resistant coating
Bonds electrostatically
Protects -58° F to +464° F
Resists acids, alkalines & solvents
Not 9H: less toxic, easier to apply
Car bath, clay, quick polish, prep
(Paint correction extra)
*Starts @ $600

Spray Coatings
Same as above, works well as a top coat to above or stand alone layer
*Starts @ $600 stand alone or...
*Starts @ $150 top coat to above

Wheels: Request a quote

Booster Wash
Rebond, Replenish, Rejuvenate, Recondition, Extends protection of S/T basecoat *Starts @ $100

1971 Dodge Dart


Ideal maintenance wash
Eco-friendly formula
Encapsulates and lifts dirt away
Extremely gentle to paint
Cleans, shines and protects
Saves precious water
Contains natural carnauba
*Starts @ $50 (small car)

Introductory Bonus...
50% off for new clients

Additional Bonus...
Complimentary $20 value for new clients: Quick clean tires and wheels

New clients with a small car can get a $70 ecowash and a quick clean tire/wheel package for only $25

2015 Challenger


Daily Driver Special: make your paint pop w/o breaking the bank, car bath, clay bar, quick polish/wax *Starts @ $350

Wheels: clean, degrease, wells, barrels, dress tires, *Starts @ $50

Wheel Well Wash: Wheel off, foam soak, agitate, rinse, wash, protect, detail wheels *Starts @ $200

Interior: seats, dash, carpets, glass, center console, arm rests, steering wheel, mats, headliner, jambs *Starts @ $200

Decontamination: Ferrous metals treatment, with car bath, wax and clay bar *Starts @ $225

Engine Bay: Foam, degrease, agitate, rinse, dress *Starts @ $75

*Prices subject to change without notice. Does not include cars with caked on mud, sap or ash damage. Cars with old bird droppings, etched water spots and chemical staining require extra attention--yet may be permanent. Service area: San Diego CA local residents along the 52 and 56 corridors. Please send three close-up snapshots of problem areas. Rare options like vinyl tops, car wraps and matte finishes require special attention. Cash, barter or trade. Before and after photos requested.