Ecowash: Waterless Car Wash

Drought. Mandatory water rationing (AB 1668). Limited access to water. Living in communities that restrict water runoff. Welcome to modern living.

So how do you clean your car fast?

The answer is ecowash. You simply spray, wipe and buff. It's that easy. And you can do this from the comforts of your home. How cool is that?

No more dealing with soaps, sponges or brushes. No more fumbling for quarters at those rush-rush, keep-your-eye-on-the-timer coin-op car washes. And no more worrying about sandblasting your paint with high pressure water and/or using highly contaminated recycled water at touchless car washes.

With ecowash you're going green. You're reducing waste. You're lowering your carbon footprint. You're only using about one cup of water per small car. And you're preserving our planet.

Discover how to make your car's paint smooth again...