Clay Bar: Deep Cleaning Your Car

Tar. Rail dust. Brake dust. Overspray. Honeydew. Exhaust soot. Industrial pollution. Hard water damage. Bird poop.

These airborne toxins get embedded into the grooves of your paint. They stick onto your car's surface and make your car feel rough. After washing, if you run your fingers back-and-forth onto your car's surface and it sounds like sandpaper... you need a clay bar treatment.

It's easy...

All you do is spray, clay and then wipe away.

You can clay your glass, headlights, tail lights, wheels, chrome, bumpers, trim, painted plastics, fiberglass and of course: your paint. The clay bar works like a clay facial mask which draws out the impurities from your paint's pores. It makes your paint feel slick again. And without a clean, slick surface--waxes, glazes, sealers and ceramic coatings won't bond as well.

The answer to a glossy finish and removing dull paint...