Car Lovers: Remove Ugly Scratches and Swirls!

Restore Your Paint's Gloss and Luster

Wash Me...

The Big Three Cancers Destroying Your Car's Paint...

  • Oxidation: Nothing worse than a dull, tired, and faded finish. Oxidation is a result of the sun's UV rays breaking down your unprotected paint. Your car looks hazy. It looks unclean. You'd rather take Uber to go on your date. And if your date doesn't mind... what would the valet say?

  • Scratches and Swirls: Your car's paint may be clean--yet looks like she's covered with thousands of fine spider-webs. This is mainly due to improper washing, drying and/or waxing. A dirty towel, brush or pad can instantly create new scratches. Surprisingly, many new cars leaving dealerships are infected with fresh scratches and swirls.

  • Holograms: These are imperfections preventing your paint from looking like glass. They're usually the result of an abrasive cutting compound, aggressive machine polishing and/or not working the cutting compound enough. Holograms are unsightly because they stand out, especially on your beautiful car. People tend to notice every little detail.

The Big Three Cures to Restore Your Car's Paint...

  • Ecowash: Environmentally friendly. No need for water, buckets or hoses. Can be washed inside/outside.

  • Clay Bar: Removes paint contamination. Makes paint smooth. Ideal prep for waxing, sealing, glazing, coatings... and a necessary step before polishing.

  • Polishing: Makes dry, dull and dead paint come alive. Single stage or multiple stages. One of the best return-on-investments for your car.