Scratch Repair

One of the most common and noticeable blemishes on motor vehicles are unsightly scratches. Your eyes seem to gravitate toward them. You take good care of your vehicle yet scratches are an eye sore.

When light reflects off a scratch--the reflection gets distorted. You'll notice it immediately. That's why a scratch pops out at you and screams, "LOOK AT ME!".

Scratches may be the result of poor maintenance methods, someone sitting on your vehicle, accidental rubbing from technicians, jewelry contact, road debris, fingernails, shopping carts, door opening, animal clawing or even vandalism. Scratches can penetrate your clear coat, color coat, primer and even all the way down to the body panel. Body shops charge big bucks to fix them, may take days and may not perfectly match your existing paint.

Fortunately most of these scratches can be redefined at a fraction of body shop rates...

Most scratches can be less noticeable or even removed by working with your car's top coat. The paint surrounding the scratch can be massaged so that the light reflecting off of it isn't as distorted. Thus a scratch noticeable from 10 feet away can be redefined to being visible only up close... and only under certain angles. You could say the scratch will be hiding in plain sight. Sort of like engaging the Klingon cloaking device.

Scratch repair requires mulitple stages to rework the paint. The working area needs to be checked and rechecked constantly. If done correctly it will look absolutely amazing while sparing your protective clear coat from going too thin.

Protecting and enhancing your car using "Nanotech"...